Why hello stranger‽ (Yep, that's an interrobang). Unsure what brings you here, but hope you find this morass of factoids about me useful in some way.

My name is Vinay Uday Prabhu and I am pretty sure I was born an ailurophile and an Indian. I am a recovering cricket addict and like tardigrades, crocodilians, statistical learning, Toto's Africa and biryani.

For fall of 2021, I am teaming up with Dr. Stephanie Tietz, Dr. John Whaley and Connie Chan to host the Jacquelin Perry AI fellowship in human kinematics. Do apply!

Contact :If you are interested in collaborating in any of the following areas, feel free to drop me an email at vinay followed by 'up' at gmail.

  1. Ethics of AI

  2. Study of human kinematics using IMU sensors for democratizing healthcare

  3. Privacy aware decentralized authentication sans surveillance

  4. Generative art techniques

  5. Promises and false-promises of Green NFTs

  6. All things machine learning

This pic above was taken near my home on the playa by the porta potties close to 9:00&H in 2018.