Why hello stranger‽ <Yep, that's an interrobang alright>.
Unsure what brings you here, but hope you find this morass of factoids about me useful in some way.
(The rest of my bio here is meant to be read with Toto's Africa being played in the background)

My name is Vinay Uday Prabhu and I am a recovering cricket addict, ailurophile, Indian and currently CEO/ Founder of  HAL51.AI (in some particular order).  While I like all things 3D, tardigrades, crocodilians, statistical learning and biryani, I am particularly fond of compressing machine learning models to make them run on toaster oven's cousins and making holograms talk.
If you are skilled and/or passionate about 3D Computer vision, Meta Optics, Holography, On-device ML, Stereoscopic black magic, Android/iOS development feel free to drop me an email at vinay at hal51 dawt ai.

Note: Given the vast plethora of Vinay Prabhus running around, I am compelled to let you know that this is the real me.

This pic above was taken near my home  on the playa by the porta potties close to 9:00&H in 2018.